Be ready for a whole new way to look at learning and growing & scaling your business. Get ready to have your mind expanded! The membership program of MY  Mentors offers an education and journey unlike anything else you have seen before. This program is an exclusive private community of like-minded members who are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate ‘digital life’.> life of dreams.

Essential Membership

Essential will work for you if you are new to the digital arena and do not have any products or services to promote. As well as if you do have an existing business to develop online.

As an Essential member, you get access to SFM’s entire training library of digital learning, marketing & advertising strategies at a standard level.

You also get access to Digital Business Lounge where you can create beautiful websites that are ‘business ready’.  If you do not have any of your own products to market yet, you can start by promoting SFM’s memberships as well as their partners’ products and services and create commissions potentially very quickly.

Elite Membership

Elite is for those who want private coaching in digital business skills, digital marketing and personal development.

Internet millionaires and founders of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek with other coaches and mentors and invited professionals in their field, will train and guide you in the different skills and strategies they use.

There will be dedicated live webinars through each month giving you an edge over your competitors.