About ME

Hey, I am Ingeborg Braas and I live in the Netherlands. I am a mother of a 4-year-old and share my life with my English soulmate! I love cooking, hanging out with my best mates and spending time with my lovely daughter playing scrabble!Travelling is my passion! So far I have been to Jamaica, Cuba, India-Goa, Sicily, Rome, Lisbon, Paris, Spain, Italy, Ibiza, Mallorca and more….to come!




I started searching what I could do with the rest of my life and did not want to wait any longer and found the beginning of my destiny with SFM!

I grew up in a business and my mom and dad have a company! So the step to eventually start something for me was in the cards.


I would like to welcome you to my journey. Whenever you are ready. I will be there for you! 

I am a digital entrepreneur.

In simple terms, this means that I have a business on the internet, and use automated systems to get my message in front of people who would find value in what I am doing.

I am an affiliate marketer as well, which means that I recommend great products and services to others who I believe will find value in those products and services, and then I receive a commission for doing so.

This process is largely automated, so my business runs whether I’m working on it or not.

My vision is to help others to create lives of complete freedom as well, and I do this by helping people to learn from the exact same mentors that I have learned from, to get to where I am.

Ingeborg Braas